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Summertime - short interruption of service

As you are all aware we are in the middle of the summer at the moment, which means activity is a bit on the low side.

AEGIX June 2022 update

AEGIX June 2022 update

Join the officers team to help the guild

AEGIX is growing steadily due to this we are looking for people to join the officers team to help with the day to day stuff in the guild.
Arundo / Jul 29, 2022 / Guild News - General

Writing this from the south of France means we are in summer season which as you all know means things are a bit slow at the moment. Atleast for raiding it has been a slow month due to again summer but also the lack of new content or progression. ...

Arundo / Jun 29, 2022 / Guild News - General

June is almost over, time for an AEGIX update again about what's going on in the guild. We got many new members in the guild in June, which is great to see. Although summer has slowed down activity in the game, especially on the operation / raidin...

Arundo / May 30, 2022 / Guild News - General

Summer is nearing with the month May almost behind us, which always means a bit less activity in the guild. However the activity has still been strong over the last month with regular weekly operation / raids and regular progression runs in vetera...