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SM Operation - Casual Operation / Tech Frag Farm

Date: Sep 26, 2022
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Arundo
Category: Operations
This is a SM Gearing operation, so the requirements are very low to join. These raids are good to upgrade your gear or learn tactics on the bosses, these tactics will help you when you step into VM Progression raiding. Only real requirement is that you join the Discord to listen to the tactics. No need to talk but atleast you can hear us. For the rest our main goal is always to have fun.

Be on time:
Invites start @ 19:00 CET be on time to get your spot. We pull @ 19:15 CET so please be in time, if you are late you might loose your spot to people who signed or guests who join our raids from time to time.
Tank (1)

2. Tuhnos Juggernaut

Damage (14)

3. Zetania Marauder

4. Nexeques Sith Inquisitor

5. Khethrasha Marauder

6. Locrian Juggernaut

7. Oldnightsister Sith Inquisitor

8. Assesha Sith Inquisitor

9. Kafkae Assassin

10. Abseor Juggernaut

11. Viltero Assassin

12. Rey Surik Marauder

13. Lazy-e Imperial Agent

15. Noric Steel Bounty Hunter

16. Ssêb Sith Inquisitor

M. Zamaleus Juggernaut

Support (2)

1. Arundo Commando

14. Vile'Mayker Assassin



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