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Welcome to the guild you have now showed interested in raiding/operations which requires a few things the harder the content will get. To have everyone be able to contribute equally we have set some guides/requirements for you to work on so you can be the best raider we want you to be. Below you can find the various requirements and guides. Red means this is mandatory, orange means we strongly encourage you to arrange this and green means these are ways to improve yourself even further. These might change once we go further into harder content.

Whenever you have questions regarding the below you can always check up with an officer (Guild rank 3 and up) to help you out on these matters.

We use Discord for our voice communication, to hear tactics and call outs during the raids you need to join us one Discord. If you dont want to talk that is fine as long as you can hear our raidleaders then you are fine. To join Discord simply click on the above link.

We use Starparse in our raids to see our healing/damage/threat and help us to show why things happened or how we as a group can improve. Please install this before you join a raid, you can find an extensive guide here.

Raid tactics:
Our raidleaders will explain tactics but once we done most bosses we probably do shorter version of the tactics as most already know the tactics. So we ask everyone to atleast read up on tactics once you are going to join a certain raid. You can find tactics per operation/raid and boss here.

326 item rating:
Gear is ofcourse a very big portion of your contribution to the group. For story mode its not mandatory to have an item rating of 326 but we do encourage it. For veteran and master mode it is mandatory to have an item raiting of 326. You can find some nice pointers to gear up a bit faster to 326 here.

Once you join veteran mode operations we ask you do atleast have level 73 augments on all your items excluding your tactical. If you need help check with an officer, we have people in the guild who can craft these for you also. An extensive guide into augments can be found here.

Amplifiers can squeeze out the last healing/damage/threat out of your gear. Use the below class guides to check with amplifiers suite your class the best. An extensive guide into amplifiers can be found here.

Class and spec guides:
Nothing mandatory here we do not force you to play a certain spec or class but sometimes you can find things in a guide which you never knew about or maybe you went the wrong direction with your gear. These guides can help you with that, there are Imperial class guides and Republic class guides.
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