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hi guys

Hi guys, i am a returned player, i am get bored alone to play, i need some friends to play, and do operations, i did get 326 gear score, i play juggernaut and marauder, i know the rotations, i am very dedicated player, team player, i hope you guys...
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Zalganyn993Small Marlaine 32m

Uh yeah a topic.

Generic Greetings, It's been a hot minute since I've been playing SWTOR but I wanted to dip my hands back into it because I miss the game. I like Star Wars and historical settings and I'm notoriously blunt in real life just like I am when I'm typi...
Small Ryder 12d
Ryder1084Small Marlaine 39m

Guild noob says hello

Greetings all, Morag'a here and the guild noob (at least for SWTOR). Only been playing SWTOR for a short time, a few months, but doing my best to improve. I have had experience with MMO's before SWTOR with the excellent Dark Age of Camelot, but th...
Small Morag'a 26d
Morag'a8120Small Morag'a 23d

Guess who

Guess who, did not make this one when I joined but I see people do it so here I am. I've played MMO's since I was a teen but I didn't start SWTOR until recently, I was afraid the game would consume my soul. It did. I found this guild after going c...
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Hi, im Serathas/Angathena, 33 years old man from Stockholm area in Sweden, i have played mmorpgs since 2004 which then was Star Wars Galaxies, i have discovered new Guild Hall raid boss mechanics in Guild Wars 2 and i started playing Swtor around ...
Member avatar small Angathena 54d
Angathena7222Small Zamaleus 29d

New to the guild, hello all

I'm 33 years old living in Wales, have a cat and a dog. I like to play MMO's and now I want to get back into SWTOR. I'm a roleplayer and hope to find people in the game who do this. I work at the reception of one of the bigger companies in the wor...
Small Zelphira 55d
Zelphira6223Small Zamaleus 29d

Hi guildies

Necropathy reporting in, joined on the republic side. 34 years old from Poland, mmo fan trying out swtor as I got bored with wow.
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Necropathy365Small Zamaleus 29d

Hello everyone!

Well I'm new to the guild so I though I would introduce myself, I am Enermaximus or short Max. Living in Germany, 25 years of age and a bit of a Star Wars fan. Recently found SWTOR to play a Jedi (yes Kenobi made me check it out). Thats all I gues...
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Enermaximus583Small Dusk 30d

Greetings from Eaglesi

Good day team. I am a U.S. Army civilian working in Grafenwoehr, Germany. I served 22 years in uniform and now have almost 14 as a civilian employee working in the public affairs field. I played SWTOR initially around launch for several years befo...
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Eagletan6262Small Roalahr 61d

Quick intro

Hey everyone.Ive been playing SWTOR off and on since the beta. I prefer my gameplay to be drama free and i enjoy having a laugh with people. Looking forward to get to know you. Im keeping this short, if you have any questions speak to me in game :...
Member avatar small Jooniur 145d
Jooniur5756Small Chermaìne 122d

It's a bird! - It's a plane! It's a ~

~ fairly common girl that wants to try her luck in group activities and - responsibilities ~ ^. ^Hellow - Hi, my name's Calista, Lizney ingame or Liz for short ~I'm a workacolic, trying to complement a few evenings in into the game as well though ...
Small Liznéy 216d
Liznéy5717Small Masenka 197d

My intro!

Hello everyone,My (character) name is Mindori and I would like to introduce myself.SWTOR: I have only been playing SWTOR for a few months now. I have two main characters: an Operative (Lethality spec'd) and a Mercenary (Innovative Ordnance). I am ...
Small Mindori 215d
Mindori4569Small Liznéy 204d

Greetings to fellow SWTOR fans!

Greetings,I’m Marlaine (Linda) from the Netherlands, a 23 year old gamer with a love for MMORPG’s. Been playing those games for a few years, mostly Guild Wars 2 and recently Elder Scrolls Online and ArcheAge. Furthermore I’m an addict to mobile ga...
Small Marlaine 363d
Marlaine5867Small Roalahr 291d

Hello and thanks for having me.

Well, where to begin? At the beginning is always a good place I suppose. I'm a mature (As in age and outlook rather than in a fine ripe cheese) gamer and usually RP in any MMO I join although currently I'm not playing any online games at all. I'm ...
Small Dusk 348d
Dusk4767Small Arundo 340d

My introduction or atleast an attempt.

I have been meaning to actually post an introduction for quite some time since I had joined, but a combination of work schedule mishaps and a bit of forgetfulness had happened. But here we go. I've been playing on and off since launch, and no matt...
Small Lendoral 358d
Lendoral51388Small Chermaìne 347d

So yeah hello all :)

For those who DON'T know me, I'm Brad! I am a classically trained chef (four years in culinary school with a minor in nutrition) who is obsessed with pirates, Mandalorians, and techno music. I also weave puns like no tomorrow!
Member avatar small Alex Fett 358d
Alex Fett4682Small Chermaìne 347d

Hello again everyone

Been around a while but want to get back in the game and guild so hereby my reintroduction to the guild. Will be making a char later today so hope to get an invite to start playing SWTOR again. Im 29 years old living in the north of the Netherland...
Small Masenka 362d
Masenka2384Small Chermaìne 347d


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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