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PvP - Unranked Warzone/GSF Event

Date: Jul 03, 2022
Time: 06:00 PM
Category: PvP
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Hi, im Serathas, 33 years old man from Stockholm area in Sweden, i have played mmorpgs since 2004 which then was Star Wars Galaxies, i have discovered new Guild Hall raid boss mechanics in Guild Wars 2 and i started playing Swtor around beta testi...
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New to the guild, hello all

#14967920 Zelphira wrote:I'm 33 years old living in Wales, have a cat and a dog. I like to play MMO's and now I want to get back into SWTOR. I'm a roleplayer and hope to find people in the game who do this. I work at the reception of one of the b...
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