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AEGIX December 2021 update

Arundo / Dec 31, 2021 / Guild News - General
Another year is nearing its end, time for a final update for this year. As we all know the expansion has been pushed back by Bioware to the 15th of February probably. Which means activity has not picked up yet in the game regarding raiding. So we are taking it easy at the moment. We did some fun raiding over the last few weeks, due to the holiday season we put those on hold for a bit but they will continue in 2022.

We kept recruiting new people to the guild but we also lost a few due to inactivity so in general we have about the same member base as before. Which is fine our goal is not to grow to 1000 members as we want to stay a small to medium sized guild. So we keep on recruiting to find likeminded people to join us in all aspects of the game, as always quality (friendly, easygoing and mature) over quantity.

For the rest all we can say is stay safe during the still ongoing covid pandemic and enjoy the end of the year. Hope to see you all in 2022 again.


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