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AEGIX January 2022 update

Arundo / Jan 28, 2022 / Guild News - General
Roughly two weeks until the launch of Legacy of the Sith or atleast most of it as Bioware decided to push a few things to 7.1. Which is probably fine as if its not ready do not release it. But we are getting ready for 7.0 and hope everyone is with us once the expansion goes live, new and old members of the guild. In the coming weeks after the launch of Legacy of the Sith you can expect events to help us gear up faster as a guild. This will be done with Flashpoints but also mostly done by going to some of the easier VM Operations like Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace.

As for January it has been a bit of a slow month with people waiting for the expansion, we got however a fair share of new members and we keep on recruiting to grow our numbers. We decided to grow a bit bigger then we previously had in mind as this hopefully will bring a bigger activity in general to the guild. We still seek more help to run the guild so if you are up let us know. We can use recruiters but also general officers to take care of the day to day stuff in the guild.

This was it for this update, hope to see you all soon in 7.0


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