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AEGIX March 2022 Update

Arundo / Mar 29, 2022 / Guild News - General
A few big changes this month for the guild, many good ones but also a few bad ones which we needed to manage. First off the bad ones are the changes in the leadership and officers team. We lost Mindori as officer due to real life issues, a big shame but these things happen we wish Mindori all the best for the future. Due to this the officers team is very much in need of new people to join up, luckily Hellish or as we know him ingame Adskayadrochilnya joined the officer team as our first PVP Officer. So anything PVP related you can ask him about it, expect future PVP events organized by Adskayadrochilnya.

As for the guild leadership, Isaa decided to step down for the time being as also his real life got a bit more busy with his new job. This means Isaa cant play in the evening which makes it hard to focus on Star Wars the Old Republic. We hope that Isaa comes back as soon as his real life is getting easier. So for the time being Arundo takes the sole leadership role again of the AEGIX guild. In the mean time AEGIX is looking for more officer and also someone who is willing to co lead the guild together with Arundo. More about this topic can be found here.

For the rest the guild is still growing stronger every day, we got many new recruits interested to join things with the guild which is great to see. We even had our first operation run again since we took a break due to the expansion releasing and the situation in the world. We took an easy night of two story mode operations and cleared Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace. This was mostly a test to see how we performed as a team. It is safe to say we can skip most story mode operations and start doing veteran mode operations as of this week Friday. Check the events schedule for more events and operation runs in the future.

Thats it for now.


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