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AEGIX April 2022 update

Arundo / Apr 28, 2022 / Guild News - General
Another month rolled by so time for a quick recap on whats going on in the guild.

On the officer side we have had two officers added to the officer team, which was badly needed as the officer / council team went down to one person for a while with Isaa stepping down as co guild leader. Happily we have now Adskayadrochilnya as Rank 3 Officer - PVP, he will handle all PVP aspect for the AEGIX guild. Viltero joined the officer team as Rank 3 Officer - Recruitment to help out with the recruitment as we still need to find a few more for the raiding team and in general more to join the guild to boost the activity. As always we can still use more help with the guild, so if you are up feel free to check out this news item about open positions in the council / officers team.

April also saw more raiding happening in the guild, which is good news as we have regular signups to run two raids per week. Due to this we have started our veteran mode progression on Terror from Beyond and Scum and Villainy. Also we will be starting our progression in Dread Fortress on veteran mode soon again. This all is of course with the new raid team as we did manage to clear these before 7.0. Once we cleared most of the veteran mode operations we will take our shot at the first master or nightmare mode operations.

In general we are happy with how the guild is evolving, the activity is up to a good level but can always be better so we keep recruiting to find likeminded people to join the AEGIX. In the coming month we keep on running operations / raids and hopefully we can get a date for the new operation to release in the near future.



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