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AEGIX May 2022 update

Arundo / May 30, 2022 / Guild News - General
Summer is nearing with the month May almost behind us, which always means a bit less activity in the guild. However the activity has still been strong over the last month with regular weekly operation / raids and regular progression runs in veteran mode operations. We still need to gear up a bit more for certain raiders to get better and faster progress in veteran mode operations. Once we cleared those we can think of master mode operations.

Recruitment has been good over the last month, with lots of new members who are a great addition to the guild. However we also see people dropping off to go inactive so we keep on recruiting for now. Our goal is as always not to become a guild with 1000 members but more a small to medium sized guild to keep things familiar.

On the side of the council and officer team we had a few changes again. Viltero came on board as a council member to help out with the overall leadership of the AEGIX guild. Graegar came back to the game and picked up his role as raid leader again, which means he joined the officer team. Adskayadrochilnya left the officer team as he did not have the time to help out the guild. So there are again a few new spots open in the council and officer team, if you are up to join feel free to check out here for more information.

For the rest we are still waiting for Bioware to give us more information about Legacy of the Sith and what they have in mind for the future. Once the new operation R-4 Anomaly is released we will focus on the new operation. For now we keep on doing what we do best and that is having fun will running operations and in general do stuff as a guild.

Let see what June has in store for the AEGIX guild.


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