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AEGIX Conquered Nature of Progress DXUN 8 Man Story Mode

Yes we cleared Nature of Progress or DXUN before on story mode but since 7.0 we did not go back there again. So tonight it was time to see how DXUN would be with our new gear and new levels. It was mostly ok sure we had a few wipes as we had to figure out again how things went, but mostly things went smooth. Only The Huntmaster was a bit of a pain but he also eventually went down. Apex Vanguard was the last boss which went down smoothly, boss kill picture can be found here.

For the rest the raids was good fun and went smooth, with summer now on us we will wait a bit with progression raids until summer is over or until Bioware releases the new R4-Anomaly raid which should come somewhere in August or September. Thanks all for joining tonight and see you all for the next one.


Good job!
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