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AEGIX June 2022 update

Arundo / Jun 29, 2022 / Guild News - General
June is almost over, time for an AEGIX update again about what's going on in the guild. We got many new members in the guild in June, which is great to see. Although summer has slowed down activity in the game, especially on the operation / raiding scene where activity was already low due to the lack of new content in Star Wars the Old Republic. We still managed to keep raiding but the last weeks since Bioware released more news about the new raid we see a decrease in activity in the guild on raiding interest.

Due to this we switch or focus to story mode operations for fun and gearing on the Monday and the Friday. Which made our Wednesday late evening gearing runs obsolete so these have been changed to other types of events. We have added PVP achievement runs for those who still need to kill players on certain planets, achievements which are very hard to get these days due to that not alot of players are in the PVP instances of planets. We also added flashpoints runs again to the schedule for relaxed and fun guild runs. Those runs are open for all levels, depending on what group we have we will run either veteran or master mode flashpoints.

For the rest enjoy summer we will keep on recruiting and try to run events but we understand that activity will slow down a bit as people now go on their vacations in the coming two months. After summer we hope to go back to progression raiding as we mentioned before, hopefully with the new raid R4-Anamoly and other stuff which Bioware has planned for the end of the year.

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