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Summertime - short interruption of service

Arundo / Jul 21, 2022 / Guild News - General
As you are all aware we are in the middle of the summer at the moment, which means activity is a bit on the low side. Also the fact that new content is still not released people are taking a break from the game. For the time being you will see a bit less events from our side. Also as Arundo (me) is going on vacation from next week until middle of August we will have a short interruption of service so to speak.

But fear not, after summer we will start again where we left of. Now that 7.1 has finally got a release date we can start to plan for this. From the 15th of August on we will return back to our Veteran Mode progression raids. Mostly focused on the new raid R4-Anomaly where we hope to start progression from the 15th of August and also start to run farm groups as we did before to gear up people.

More on that after the 15th of August, for now enjoy summer!

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Enjoy your vacation Arundo
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