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AEGIX July 2022 update

Arundo / Jul 29, 2022 / Guild News - General
Writing this from the south of France means we are in summer season which as you all know means things are a bit slow at the moment. Atleast for raiding it has been a slow month due to again summer but also the lack of new content or progression. Next month however the new raid will release which means we are getting back in business on the 15th of August (my summer vacation is ending then). You can already sign up for the first R4-Anomaly raids if you want to join those.

For the rest the guild has seen a big increase in members over the last month, we also switched our focus from keeping it small and cozy to going a bit bigger. We have now no limit on members, before we tried to keep it on 300-400 members (alts included). But we noticed if we keep it small we also will have the risk of inactivity. So the recruitment drive has been increased to grow to bigger numbers, to compete with the other large guilds on the server.

With August coming up we should see an increase in activity and the return of some people who took a break from the game due to lack of new things to do. Hopefully Bioware will also increase their information sharing for what will happen after 7.1 with Star Wars the Old Republic. As for now enjoy the summer and see you when I get back.

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