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AEGIX (almost) Conquered R-4 Anomaly 8 Man Story Mode

After our short break due to summer vacations and lack of content we got back to raiding / running operations. Ofcourse our main focus was on conquering R-4 Anomaly 8 man story mode as it is the latest operation released. We did not have any expectations as we wanted to experience the raid ourselves and just have fun figuring out how things would go. Things actually went rather smooth with the killing of the first three bosses.

First up was IP-CPT which went down on our second try (we dont count the first try as the boss went invisible). Second up the target list was Watchdog which tooks us a bit longer to get the tactics right but eventually after a few tries Watchdog died. Lord Kanoth was the easiest of the three bosses as he went down on the first try.

Last boss Lady Dominique did not go down tonight as we ran out of time, we did have three decent tries with the second try to be the best where we reached phase three. Friday we go back to repeat and hopefully progress further and kill all boss in R-4 Anomaly. Once that is done we can focus on getting progression on veteran mode R-4 Anomaly.


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