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Join the officers team to help the guild

Masanke / Aug 18, 2022 / Guild News - General
AEGIX is growing steadily due to this we are looking for people to join the officers team to help with the day to day stuff in the guild. Currently we have the following open positions within the officers team. If you are interested let us know so we can assign you the proper rank fitting to the position you applied for. Of course when you join the officers team we expect you to be active in your role. So think carefully about the application, it should not be work but there are some times where you need to be available for the guild.

Rank 1 Commander/Chancellor: Imperial and Republic
Currently we seek a guild leader for our Republic AEGIX guild and a co guild leader for our Imperial AEGIX guild. In this you are the one leading or co leading the guild and taking the big decisions together with the AEGIX Council. In this role you are responsible for all aspect of the guild.

Rank 2 Council: Imperial and Republic
Being part of the decision making in the guild and giving direction to the guild. Being in the council you are involved in all aspects of the guild.

Rank 3 Officer - Recruitment: Imperial and Republic
The guild is already growing steadily but we still hope to attract a few more active members so we can run frequent flashpoints, operations and events. Our goal is not to have the biggest guild on the server, we always say quality over quantity. So our recruitment is based on that, we also don't random invite people as we want people to actually want to join AEGIX.

Rank 3 Officer - Events: Imperial
As event officer you are helping the guild with arrange events like flashpoint runs, boss killer runs, achievement runs etc. Of course based on the guild calendar which you will manage so that everybody can signup for these events. You will be arranging these events and lead team in the proper way.

Rank 3 Officer - PVE / Raiding: Imperial
As we are raiding as a guild on a weekly base we are still seeking for someone who is willing to take the team to a higher level. You will be leading the raids and help the raid team getting better and ready for the more challenging content in the game.

Rank 3 Officer - PVP: Imperial
For our PVPers we seek someone who is willing to host events in the PVP side of Star Wars the Old Republic. Running events, helping others with tips and tricks how to get better in PVP.

Rank 4 - Herald: Imperial
In this role you use our /o - officer chat in game to post various topics we post on a regular base. There is a list of message we post on a daily base and we seek a few to post these from time to time.

You can check the current open spots in the council/officer team here. If you are up for any of these tasks feel free to let us know so we can have a chat with you about your preferred role.


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