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AEGIX August 2022 update

Arundo / Aug 31, 2022 / Guild News - General
While most of you are enjoying summer there have been many changes to the AEGIX guild over the last month. Lots of positive changes which bring more activity to the guild and more people helping out to get the guild to the next level. With September coming closer we will see a return of activity and we have been preparing for this to have more activities in the guild for the AEGIX guild members.

First of all we have many new additions to the council and officer team to help the guild grow and offer more activities to the AEGIX guild members. As you know Masanke joined the officer team as recruitment officer and he is leading AEGIX Team 2 raiding, more about the raid teams later. For the council we have two new additions to help out with all aspect of the guild, Tuhnos a long time member of the AEGIX guild joined the council. Sikotra a new member who is willing to help out the guild with all aspects also joined the council. Furthermore Viltero returned to join the council to help out. With all the additions to the concil team we now have all spots filled, the officer team still has many spots open for those who want to help out the guild. You can find more information about this here.

As already mentioned we have been adding a few raid teams to the guild, we always ran operations or raids with the signup system but we noticed that this always hampered our progression as we never had a dedicated team. So the council decided that it was necessary to have dedicated raid teams for more progression. As some might know we ran a raid team when we used the Dominion name, this team is still around but inactive which you can see from the AEGIX Team 1 information. Masanke as mentioned before is leading AEGIX Team 2 and recently we added a new team AEGIX Team 3 to the roster which currently is led by Arundo. We already see more interest so there probably will be a fourth team added to the raid teams. All teams will probably focus on Veteran Mode R-4 Anomaly progression as this is the best and only way to get 340 gear. Of course we also run other Veteran Mode operations. If you want to join a raid team check out this section of the AEGIX forum.

Progression wise as guild we also have some good news as we yesterday cleared Story Mode R-4 Anomaly and killed Lady Dominique. Now we can head into Veteran Mode R-4 Anomaly and other Veteran Mode Operations for all teams. Just to be clear next to the raid teams we still will run twice per week a signup raid for people who want to try out raiding or who are more casual focused. You can expect a combination of Story Mode R-4 Anomaly and some fun Story Mode operations for achievements and tech fragments.

I want to mentioned the recruitment drive and direction we had and will have for the future. As you might have noticed we have been more aggressive on recruitment which gave us many new members. However many of these members are not very social or go inactive after a few days as they probably made a new alt. So therefore we decided to go back to more quality recruitment where we want to see if the person really fits with what we do in the guild. So we stay away from the starter planets again and focus on getting more higher level characters in the guild. If you want to help out with this you are more the welcome to do so, just reach out to a council member about a recruitment officer position.

Lastly just a reminder next month we will celebrate our second anniversary, we are still debating what kind of fun events we will run. If you have any idea's feel free to pitch them to us. But you can expect some events to celebrate our second anniversary. Keep your eye out for the events schedule on the Discord and on the AEGIX website.

That's all for now.


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