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  • AEGIX Team 1

About AEGIX Team 1:
We are a 8 man Veteran Mode / Master Mode raid team raiding for now Veteran Mode operations / raids. Once we cleared most we move to Master Mode operations / raids. When the new raid, R4-Anomaly is released we will move there to clear Story Mode and then quickly move to Veteran Mode R4-Anomaly.

Current teamsetup:
Tank: Graegar
Tank: Viltero
DPS: Samurai Cop
DPS: Aronis
DPS: Rstaraurora
DPS: Alca
Heal: Arundo
Heal: Mitth'ras'safia

Raid times: Monday 20:00 - 23:00 CET and Friday 20:00 - 23:00 CET.
Current content progression: Veteran mode Operations, as soon as R4-Anomaly hits we will switch focus to VM R4-Anomaly

Requirements to join:
Gear level: 326 minimum
Availability: When you join you commit to the team, which means try to come to all raids.
Augments level: 286 minimum
Others: Use stimms, know your class and rotation so you can pull the right numbers (20K+ DPS etc). We use Discord and Starparse for our raids, you should use them too.