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With Emperor Acina emerging as the new head of the Empire there has been weakness spreading in the Empire. The ruthless Empire of before has been beaten by the Eternal Empire. Together with the Alliance they managed to defeat the Eternal Empire but at a price for some who follow the old ways of the Empire.

Within the Empire grew unrest and distaste for this new form of rule by Emperor Acina, so much that several planets openly started to question the need to be part of the Empire. Out of this the AEGIX formed, AEGIX still swears alligance to the Empire but will uphold the old ways of the Empire. Questioning every move by Emperor Acina from their seat in the Dark Council. 

AEGIX is a RP-PVE/PVP guild on the Star Wars the Old Republic server Darth Malgus. We are a friendly and relaxed guild where we strive to create a friendly and mature community. Our aim is to have quality over quantity, so we do not strive to be the biggest guild with over 900 members. As we always says we rather have 50 friends in our guild then 900 strangers. 

Our focus is on the PVE part of Star Wars the Old Republic, we will host weekly Flashpoint, Operations and events for our members to have fun together but also to reach certain achievements for those who are open to work together on these. PVP is welcomed in the guild we will from time to time run PVP events whenever there is need for those. For those into roleplaying we do offer as you can see a backstory and a RP friendly guildname. You can also use our forum for storytelling and character development if you are up for roleplaying. 

Most of all we are here to have fun together in Star Wars the Old Republic, the game we all love to play.