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Art. 1: Requirements
All members require to register on our website and add their character to keep up to date on the event calendar and announcements.
With this you can sign up for future events which the guild organizes on a weekly base.

Art. 2: Age limit
18 is the minimum RL age required to join.
This has been agreed upon by the guild and is maintained to keep all members comfortable with the maturity of the guild content.

Art. 3: Conduct
We are aiming for a friendly and warm atmosphere; a bit of banter is great but keep it cool. A few things to keep in mind:
- We have a zero tolerance policy with toxic behaviour.
- Do not act toxic in the guild, this will quickly lead to a removal from the guild.
- Do not act toxic to people outside of the guild when you represent our guild name.
- Keep it civil. Be polite and kind to those around you.
- No excessive use of profanity, homophobia, racist slur and sexism.
- No talk that encourages drug use of any kind.
- Refrain from needless spamming.
- Please do not troll someone else's person.
- Please do not slag off/slander other guilds or players in public channels.

Art. 4: Issues with another member
Any issues with other members should be resolved privately. If there is any disagreement or if things tense and haven't been resolved bring your issue up with a member of the Officer Team and it will be dealt with accordingly.
We won't tolerate heated negative discussions in guild chat or in discord. If an officer says stop, please do so to not let things escalate.

Art. 5: Conflict and proof
To avoid drama and conflict the Officer Team will operate with a certain warning system. If an individual violates rules from the Code of Conduct, several times it will start with an informal warning to notify the individual that he is going out of line. If it happens too often, they might receive their first warning, which is a warning. When the individual reaches three warnings, he/she will be removed from the guild. Instant removal from the guild is only authorized with a majority of the Officer Team accepting this.

It is normal from time to time to disagree with one another but we, the Officer Team, expect our members to handle this professionally and keep it in closed circles. Meaning that conflicts should be dealt with in a group or private. If such conflicts happen in our guild chats, the Officers are authorized to hand out a warning or more depending on the severity of the violation. Screenshots are always required as proof to an incident. Are you not able to make screenshots or did you disconnect? No worries, you can inform an Officer and we will monitor the situation.The Officer Team does not appreciate false rumors or accusations to be thrown around by anyone, therefore this is deemed punishable. If there is a conflict, the individual can report this to the Officer Team and let us handle the situation. Without proof, it did not happen. If we receive many accusations from the same individual without actual proof, then he/she might be receiving a warning.

Art. 6: Language in the guild
We are an international community playing on an English-speaking server. Therefore, we use English when we communicate in chat and on Voice chat so that all understand.

Art. 7: Inactivity
We understand that reallife can come in the way of your time to play Star Wars the Old Republic. In AEGIX that is fine aslong as you inform us about it, you can post an away reply on the I'm away topic on the forum, you can also inform an officer. If you inform through the topic or let an officer know we will give you a away from the game member note which prevents you being kicked due to inactivity. 

Currently the inactivity removal will be set on 15 days for Rank 9 - Citizen, 30 days for Rank 6 and 90 days for Rank 5, after that you can be removed from the guild. Rank 4 and up have no inactivity removal from the guild as those ranks are for officers and veteran members who have been with us for a long time. Ofcourse we will welcome you back to AEGIX if you want to join us again when you come back to the game.